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Professional ovens for

the highest level of Cook & Chill


Nevo advanced technology allows you to cook and regenerate with absolute precision.

Qubi is designed to work non-stop day and night. Its versatility ensures that

the pecularity and quality of the food are enhanced during cooking.



The premium oven

Its advanced technology allows you to cook
and regenerate with absolute precision.
Qubi is the synthesis of an evolutionary process
that takes the form of a new high-performance
and easy-to-use cooking technology.


Pratika oven.
Your trusted collaborator

Pratika ovens offer the 3 most sought-after features
by chefs from around the world: excellent cooking
results, ease of use and consistent performance.
To enhance even small spaces, Pratika Kompact provides a solution which ensures high performance in the smallest of spaces.


Function oven.
Concentrated effectiveness

and efficiency

Function ovens are the ideal solution for cooking
sweet and savory dishes in an effective and quick
way. Ideal for daily use in kitchens and for bars
and bistros in the preparation of croissants, brioches,
ready-to-cook bread and cool desserts, and can
be used for regenerating pizzas and other dishes.


News and blog

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Which is the best oven?

There is no absolute best oven, and each technology must be chosen considering many aspects that characterize the context in which it will be used.

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We design your successful kitchen

The success of a restaurant business is the sum of a mix of many factors that, properly balanced and integrated, lead to a positive business result.

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The connected and efficient kitchen

Ours is a hyper-connected reality: more and more devices are networked, exchanging data with each other and providing us with information...

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How to produce small and large leavened products

The technology to successfully organise, plan and manage small and large leavened products is called retarder proving.

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