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Pratika Kompat, the perfect mix


The Pratika Kompact ovens have width of just 52 cm, and the excellent

performances of the programmable Pratika combi ovens allow

for convection, steam and mixed cooking.



The timer is adjustable from 1 to 240 minutes


Temperature range
of 30°-280°C.


Steam set on a timer and can be adjusted from 20% to 100%


Autoreverse fan distributes the heat evenly throughout
the oven chamber.

Cooking phases

1 to 3 phases with different durations, temperatures and levels of humidity.


Up to 99 recipes which can be easily shared with the staff

Combi oven

3 cooking function: convection, steam
and mixed.


3 washing intensities: soft, medium and hard



Pratika Kompat. Cooking functions

Convection cooking | Steam cooking | Mixed cooking | Core probe and Delta T cooking




Pratika Kompact. Characteristics



Space optimisation

Pratika Kompact ovens offer the same performance
levels as Pratika combi ovens. The compact size make
them the ideal choice for kitchens with limited space.

Automatic washing

There are three washing intensities: soft, medium and hard
to choose from, based on the type of cleaning required.

Pratika Kompact. Products range

Pratika Kompact washing. Products range