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Performance ovens for successful Cook&Chill.


Nevo develops solutions for cooking and regenerating food with absolute precision.

Ovens that are designed to work non-stop day and night: versatile in the production phase,

indispensable during service, they make work in the kitchen more effective.




Production is our strength.


The modern production centers of Nevo were founded in Italy, a land of ingenuity and application.

In the area are installed the latest automated systems for the processing of stainless steel,

robotized welding stations, and assembly areas. Each production technology

lightens the workload of the operative who can devote more attention to the quality of the products.


Our specific knowledge of production processes and kitchen organization allows us to enhance

the use of space, and to design tailor-made solutions for every catering business.

One group. One style. One kitchen.


The Nice kitchen offers a whole range of complementary technologies for the professional kitchen

to ensure dimensional and design compatibility: horizontal and vertical cooking appliances,

blast chillers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and appliances for preparation and storage.


50.000 Units produced per year/ 12 Operational offices/ 410 Collaborators/ 65 Markets